5 Social Media Management Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Shana Vogan Shana Vogan, Social Solutions Specialist

Launching your brand’s social media presence is always a stressful experience. You’re not just managing your brand’s social media profiles across multiple platforms, you’re also creating the brand’s voice, curating its content, and building its audience. That’s a tall order, even for the most experienced marketers. That’s why so many marketing professionals are obsessed with finding the best social media management tips out there.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at five simple-yet-effective tips for launching your brand’s social media. These hints will help you avoid common mistakes, save you countless hours of busywork, and help you invest your social media marketing budget wisely:

1) Go where your audience is. Not every brand needs to have a presence on every social media platform. It’s important to remember that every social media profile represents an investment — in both time and money — in building an audience on that platform. Every hour you spend monitoring your Twitter mentions is an hour you’re not spending somewhere else. If your brand’s audience doesn’t match the platform’s overall demographics, you may be making a bad long-term investment. If your brand’s target audience is 18-35 year-old males, for instance, you might want to skip creating a Pinterest profile.

2) Establish clearly defined goals. What does a successful social media presence for your brand actually look like? Does it mean reaching a certain number of followers? Is it measured by hitting a target number of website visits or conversions? Without specific, clearly stated goals — increase content shares by 20% every month, for instance — it’s impossible to demonstrate the performance and value of your social media initiatives. That’s important, because the executive who assign the marketing budget want to see a meaningful return on their investment.

3) Create quality content. Social media is a noisy, distraction-filled place where every brand and person is screaming at the top of their digital lungs for attention. To stand out from the crowd, your content needs to be — at the very least — interesting enough to merit some form of engagement. This means thinking about the kinds of content that your audience will care about, respond to, find thought provoking, or want to share with their friends and colleagues. If your content isn’t resonating with your audience, that’s a clear indication that you need to change your social media strategy.

4) Optimize your time. It’s incredibly easy to waste time on social media, and that’s not by accident. The social media business model is designed to keep users glued to the site for as long as possible. Marketers aren’t immune to this effect, and it only gets worse when you manage your brand’s presence across multiple platforms. To avoid needlessly wasting the workday on the very platforms you are using to grow your brand, schedule blocks of time and give yourself a list of specific tasks to accomplish during that time. It can also be helpful to use third-party tools to manage your social media interactions, as this allows you to keep the distractions to a minimum.

5) Quantify your impact. One of the true innovations of social media is that it allows brands to precisely measure the engagement of their audience. Every like, follow, retweet, and share is generated by a real person interacting with the brand’s content. As your social media presence grows, so does your brand’s influence, reach, and market share. By tracking these metrics, it’s possible to see the impact of every dollar invested in your social media campaigns. Unfortunately, most social media platforms provide limited tools for tracking your brand’s performance. To track performance across multiple platforms at once, you need something more robust than the default on-site analytics. This is a situation where third-party social listening and analysis solutions can be incredibly useful.

By keeping these five tips in mind as you build your brand’s social media presence, your can create a strong foundation for all your future social media marketing initiatives.

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