Why the Pinterest 100 is Relevant to all Social Media Marketers

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Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Pinterest’s predictions for 2020 should be of interest to everyone who’s active on social media, whether you use the platform or not. The Pinterest 100 is a thorough and uniquely organized list of trends that Pinterest releases annually. It’s divided into 10 main categories which are consistently popular among the site’s users. Anyone who markets on Pinterest will obviously want to pay close attention to this list as it provides valuable clues on what people are searching for. There are, however, some compelling reasons for anyone involved in social media marketing to study this list.

  • Many Pinterest users are shoppers. Compared to sites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, Pinterest has a high percentage of active shoppers browsing the site. This makes it an especially good place to conduct product research.
  • Pinterest boards are useful for research. Pins are posted to boards, which are convenient for anyone wanting to browse on the site. You can see which pins get the most attention. Simply noting the types of boards users set up can provide you with ideas for products, blog posts, videos and social media posts on other platforms.
  • Pinterest is popular with young people. While the site has traditionally been used predominantly by female users, more males have been joining in recent years. Furthermore, about 50 percent of millennials use Pinterest every month.
  • Pinterest works well with other social media sites. You can, for example, easily share your pins on Facebook.

Pinterest’s 10 Key Categories
Even without delving deeper into Pinterest’s 100 trends for 2020, you can gain quite a bit of insight by simply looking at the 10 key categories. While these categories are based on the behavior of Pinterest users, it’s safe to assume that their popularity extends well beyond a single social media site. You can use these 10 trends as a starting point for any type of market research.

  • Responsible Travel – Travelers are increasingly looking for green or environmentally responsible alternatives. The trends within this category include eco-travel, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, travel stories, eco-structures such as treehouse retreats and zero-waste travel accessories.
  • 90s Rerun – Nostalgia for the 1990s is big, especially among people who grew up in that decade. Some of the 90s trends that are exploding right now are 90s cartoons, hip hop parties, 90s music and Y2K parties.
  • Conscious Consumption – People are embracing sustainable living in all areas of life. Among the top trends in this category are protest posters, product swaps, and home decor from thrift shops.
  • Beyond Binary – Many products and cultural movements are moving beyond traditional gender labels. Products such as unisex clothing for kids, gender-neutral party ideas and unisex nurseries are all predicted to be big in 2020.
  • Internationally Inspired – Art and design from around the world. This includes fashion, interior design, crafts, landscaping, food and more. Some trends within this category include Indian living rooms, French antiques and West African food.
  • Pampered Pets – Pet owners are making a great effort to make sure their furry companions are comfortable and spoiled. Some trends within this category include cat playgrounds, pet resorts and dog patios.
  • Home Hub – The latest methods for improving the home include indoor microgreens, audio rooms, indoor ponds and water fountains, home brewing and granny pods, structures placed in backyards to house relatives.
  • Finding Balance – Modern life can be stressful and people are looking for ways to unwind and relax. Some of the ways Pinterest users are seeking balance include self-discovery journal prompts, chicory root as a coffee alternative, mood booster playlists and feng shui decor.
  • Re-wilding – There’s a backlash against city and suburban living known as re-wilding. People are seeking ways to return to nature such as rabbit hutches, lake fishing, Bushcraft camping and rockhounding, searching for gems and rocks.
  • Space Everything – People are passionate about outer space and the prospect of space travel. Categories include constellation crafts, galaxy-themed birthday parties, STEM activities and NASA logos.

How to Use Pinterest Trends
The above are just a small sampling of trends within the 10 categories. Even if you’re familiar with some of these topics, chances are many of the topics and products are new to you. Many, such as granny pods, sound downright bizarre when you first hear about them. Yet, many people are searching for information on these subjects and buying related products every day.

The 10 key categories, as well as the 100 trends, provide you with an abundance of keywords to research. Many of these are very specific long-tail keywords. Furthermore, you can use these trends as a springboard to find related topics and keywords. These are, once again, Pinterest’s predictions for 2020, which means that many of these topics are just starting to trend. Anyone wanting to tap into these markets has a chance to get in on the ground floor. The following are some ways that you can use this information.

  • E-commerce. E-commerce sites can sell many physical products directly related to these trends.
  • https://business.pinterest.com/sub/business/business-infographic-download/2017-11-07-millennial-report-final.pdf
  • Create information products. Books and courses can be created to educate people on these popular topics.
  • Get ideas for content. Create blog and social media posts, articles, videos, podcasts and other content on the latest trends. Someone could take any one of these niches and create an entire website. Or you could add pages to an existing website.

Everyone involved in social media marketing can benefit by studying the Pinterest 100. The categories and trends provide insights into some of the latest trends throughout society. While this list is useful for any type of marketing, it might also motivate you to get more involved with Pinterest.