Five Reasons to Partner with a Social Media Monitoring Business

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Skylar Sullivan Skylar Sullivan, Marketing Coordinator

Not that long ago, keeping tabs on your brand’s online reputation was considered a pretty easy job. It only took one person, or maybe a handful of people at a truly huge company, to keep an eye on what people were saying on blogs and online forums. Even in the early days of social media, brands didn’t require specialized tools to keep track of the larger conversation. It took the invention of the smartphone to completely change the social media monitoring business forever.

Billions of people now have social-media optimized communication tools in their pockets. Each one generates thousands of data points every day. Simply identifying content that’s relevant to your brand now means using the most advanced artificial-intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies available to sift through trillions of data points. It’s no longer a one-person job.

At Meltwater, we build tools that make it possible for teams to make sense of their social media impacts. If your brand isn’t monitoring your social media and online mentions,  you’re missing out on huge insights that could shape your company’s future. Here are five reasons your company should be working with a social media monitoring business partner:

  1. Gain a new perspective on the big picture. Every day your company is hit by a virtual tsunami of social media data. When your team is struggling for air in the floodwaters of mentions, keyword queries, and engagement reports, it’s only a matter of time before they lose sight of the company’s larger social media goals. Social media monitoring tools allow your team to take a step back from these turbulent and muddy waters, but that isn’t always enough. Your social media monitoring business partners can provide your brand with true critical perspective.
  1. Insights and analysis you can count on. At any given moment, there are more than 200 billion conversations happening online. To identify those crucial interactions that relate to your brand, you need more than the best AI-powered social analytics engine on the market. (It’s ours, in case you were wondering.) You need actual human beings who can help you turn that data into actionable strategies for growing your brand, audience, and revenue.
  1. Never miss another social media opportunity. Every once in a while, the social media stars align for your brand. Perhaps a grateful influencer gives you an unsolicited endorsement, an Instagram post goes viral (in a good way), or a Reddit thread about one of your products hits the front page. How does your brand take advantage of all this unexpected attention? Your social media monitoring business partners might just have a few helpful ideas.
  1. Crisis management experts in your corner. Success on social media can cut both ways. Even the most proactively cautious brands on the planet can suddenly find themselves in the middle of a full-blown social media catastrophe. All it takes is a single boneheaded typo on a tweet, and suddenly your company is losing customers while being roasted alive. With a team of experienced social media advisors to watch your back, it’s much easier to reduce the duration and severity of any social media crisis.
  1. Global support for local business. The smaller your social media monitoring business partners are, the more limited their support options are. With 55 offices in most of the world’s major markets, Meltwater Social is a truly global partner. Our local social media experts can help you gain deep insights about your audience, no matter what languages your customers speak.

When it comes to social media monitoring, no brand should try to go it alone. At Meltwater, we’ve created the social media monitoring business tools ever developed. Why not let us show you what we can accomplish together? Book a consultation with one of our social media monitoring experts today.