Social Listening 101: The Benefits of Social Media Listening

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Sha Gadson Sha Gadson

Your customers are a chatty bunch. They talk about your products and services all the time, and on every social platform there is. When they love something about your brand, they share it. When they don’t like something you’ve done, you can also count on them to give you an earful. It’s always worth listening to what they have to say. On the whole, the benefits of social media listening outweigh the modest investment of time and money it takes to do it right.

What are those benefits? If you’re new to social media listening — and many brands are — the advantages may not be obvious. Why is it better to use AI-powered machine-learning solutions instead of just keeping an eye on your Twitter and Facebook accounts? In this article, we’re going to explore four of the biggest benefits of social media listening for brands and companies of any size.

Discover and connect with brand advocates and other influencers

Even in the social media era, it’s hard to beat the value of word-of-mouth marketing. When a well-respected expert or personality says nice things about your brand, their audience takes it seriously. These “brand champions” and “brand advocates” are often more than willing to partner with your brand, helping to grow your reach and engagement in lasting ways. But first you have to find them. To do that, you need the best social listening tools you can find.

Gain real insights into your competitors

Who doesn’t love to hear a little juicy gossip about the competition? By digitally eavesdropping on customer conversations, you can learn a lot about what’s working — and what’s not — for your brand’s biggest rivals. This can provide you with new insights about the unaddressed pain points of their customers, for example, allowing you to create highly targeted campaigns. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of social media listening is being able to track the effectiveness of your competitors’ campaigns over time, gaining a better understanding of their overall marketing strategy.

Build strong connections with your customers

Most brands take a hands-off approach to online interactions. When a customer takes to social media to vent about a product defect or a customer service headache, they rarely expect the company to even see it, much less respond to it. But when a brand actually does respond, doing whatever it takes to make the situation right, it’s almost impossible to see that brand in a negative light. It shows your customers — and potential future customers — that they matter. Social media listening can be a truly powerful tool for building customer loyalty.

Accurately gauge the effectiveness of your marketing

It’s not always obvious why some marketing campaigns soar across every channel, while others drop out of the sky and land with a dull thud. Until you know how your audience actually feels about your campaigns, all you have to work with are the educated guesses of the same marketers who created those campaigns. That’s not ideal. Social media listening tools allow you to eliminate the guesswork entirely.

The benefits of social media listening go far beyond simple things like reputation management and marketing insights. At any given moment, there are billions of conversations happening online, generating trillions of data points. Without the right social listening tools and support, finding the conversations that matter to your brand would be impossible.

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