Why You Should be Working With Nano Influencers

A beauty influencer, filming a make-up tutorial

Shana Vogan Shana Vogan, Social Solutions Specialist

Influencer marketing remains popular but it’s undergone some changes over the last few years. While large brands can afford to hire famous celebrities such as athletes, musical artists and Hollywood stars, smaller companies have been looking towards micro influencers. These are influential experts and leaders in a certain niche who aren’t necessarily known by the general public. More recently, nano influencers have been entering the conversation. Let’s see who nano influencers are and why they can be a secret weapon for small businesses with limit budgets.

Who are Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers can be understood as a sub-category of micro influencers. Keep in mind, there are no precise definitions for these terms. Broadly speaking, we can define categories such as macro influencers as those with over 200,000 followers, power middle influencers as those with between 25,000 and 200,000 followers and micro influencers as those with under 25,000. Hootsuite doesn’t mention nano influencers, who are likely to have between 1,000-10,000 followers.

Micro influencers are generally well-known in a certain industry, niche or community. For example, if you’re selling an energy drink or any type of sports supplement, you might find a spokesperson who’s an accomplished surfer or mountain biker. Such people are seldom famous outside their niches but are quite admired within them. Nano influencers are in a similar situation only they have even fewer followers, often fewer than 5,000. Such individuals aren’t widely recognized even within a particular community. More often, they’re just starting to establish themselves. To return to the above example, you might find a weekend athlete who’s won a few races and is quite active on social media but who’s still under the radar in terms of wider exposure.

If you’re trying to use influencer marketing to grow your business, why should you even care about nano influencers? You might think that they aren’t worth bothering with. Let’s look at why such influencers can be a valuable asset for smaller businesses.

Nano Influencers Are Effective Networkers

Keep in mind that a nano influencer, while not famous, is still a highly social person who shares lots of content. He or she may be on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or share content in their blog or podcast. They are also people who are trying to widen their reach. If you develop a relationship with nano influencers, you may still be connected with them when they blossom into micro or even macro influencers.

Higher Engagement Rate

Nano influencers can actually be more effective than celebrities in conveying your message. Because they aren’t so widely known, they’re perceived as ordinary people expressing their genuine opinions. While it’s nice to have a famous spokesperson, such campaigns can evoke skepticism. Influencer marketing has been around for a while now and people realize that influencers are paid for their efforts. Nano influencers, however, often come across as more authentic and trustworthy. Because of this, nano influencers have a higher engagement rate than other types of influencers.

More Affordable

Influencer marketing can be expensive. Rates vary widely, but many influencers charge as much as $1,000 per post. According to Hootsuite, $100 per 10,000 followers is the going rate. Keep in mind that, like any type of marketing, consistency is necessary for long term effects. A one-off campaign is not likely to have lasting effects. Thus, you need a substantial budget to run long-term influencer campaigns even if you’re working with micro-influencers.

Nano influencers, however, are significantly easier on your budget. Rather than plunking down more money on a single macro or micro-influencer campaign, you could establish a long-term strategy involving a few nano influencers. In fact, many nano influencers may not demand monetary compensation at all. They are often willing to work with you in exchange for products or services.

Where to Find Nano Influencers

You may be wondering how to even find nano influencers. Since they’re lower profile than macro and even micro influencers, you need to do some research to uncover them. Many of the best candidates probably don’t define themselves as influencers at all. The best place to find nano influencers is often on your own social media pages. Look for those who share content that your audience will appreciate. These may be people you’re already following or whose posts are frequently shared by others you follow. Aside from the major social media platforms, you can search:

  • Amazon -look for authors who’ve published books in your genre.
  • Goodreads -Another good place to find authors.
  • iTunes -Search podcasts.
  • Medium and other blogging platforms.
  • TEDx -TEDx are regional Ted Talks that feature all kinds of speakers.
  • In your own community.

Reaching Out to Nano Influencers

Working with nano influencers is often a less formal arrangement than working with other influencers. In most cases, they aren’t marketing their services. It’s up to you to reach out to them. In most cases, you’ll simply reach out to them with a message or email. It’s best to start out by following and engaging with nano influencers rather than contacting them out of the blue. Leave comments and share their posts, videos, blogs and other content.

At some point, you need to introduce nano influencers to your products and business. This may involve providing them with samples or sending them your book, software or app. You’re seeking people who are going to be authentic and enthusiastic about what you have to offer so don’t try to convince them with hype. It’s especially important with nano influencers that they truly believe in what they’re saying.

Take Advantage of the Latest Trend in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is as popular as ever. At the same time, working with macro and even micro influencers is not always practical for small and mid-size businesses with limited budgets. The expense, combined with public skepticism, can be too much of a risk. Nano influencers provide a more economical alternative. They enjoy high levels of trust and engagement, which can give your brand a boost and help you reach a wider audience.