Audience Insight Reports

Utilize social data to understand the audiences that matter most

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Understand and activate the audiences that matter

Audience Insight Reports offer an in-depth and interactive audience profiling solution. By combining the vast scale of the full Twitter Firehose with the cutting edge analytics capabilities of IBM Watson AI, we help you deep-dive into the online communities that matter to your business. Gain a deeper understanding of what resonates with them by discovering their demographics and consumer habits, as well as the individuals and media outlets that are influential over each group.

Demographics such as counties, cities, how they describe themselves, names.

Interests in brands, celebrities or influencers and categories

Content from social channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and the web

Create benchmarks with different segments, countries, or competitors

Compare segments with baselines and other audiences

Understand the personality and factors that influence your audiences purchase

Instantly understand who makes up your target audience

  • Audience Insights allows you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is.
  • Effortlessly combine numerous filter options when you create a report, such as user profiles, affinities, demographics and job roles, creating highly personalized audience segments.
  • Armed with Audience Insights you can make better marketing decisions, adapt your targeting, improve relevancy and drive high performance campaigns at scale.

Own your data

  • Do you want to integrate Audience Insights with your own data or visualizations? No problem, we make it easy.
  • Simply export your reports to PDF or PowerPoint formats to use the most relevant insights about your audiences in your presentation decks
  • Or alternatively, export each of the insights to a CSV file so you can easily process, share or integrate them in your organization

Increased engagement rate by 24x

Find local influencers around the world to penetrate running communities and drive conversations about PUMA.

Sophisticated segmentation was used to find new influencers and monitoring functionality identified and analyzed those who engaged.

Influencers averaged 24 times higher engagement rates than PUMA’s core accounts.

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