Drive Sales With the Power of UGC

    Meltwater's UGC Management platform helps brands humanize their marketing to build trust and increase conversions along every step of the customer journey.

    Collect and curate the best UGC shared on social media and repurpose to create experiences on websites, apps, digital screens, emails, social ads, print, and more.

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    Web Display

    • Publish content on any channel including websites, apps, screens, emails or ads. The fastest embedded web and native mobile User Generated Content.
    • Automatically scale your web displays across desktop, tablet, and mobile.
    • Build and customize unique experiences, like countdowns, polls and sweepstakes.




    • Curate both owned and earned to display publicly.
    • Utilize your most dynamic content from across social channels, ads, and other media types.
    • Scale and distribute content across all your digital locations.

    Rights Management

    • User generated content is tailored to you with the ability to source and secure the rights to your favorite content.
    • Fully customize your messaging to creators by generating bespoke requests within the app or create your own template to do this at scale.
    • Newly owned content can be instantly shared across channels with our marketing integrations.




    • Source authentic user generated content across social media to generate new commercial opportunities for your business.
    • Give your audience easy ways to discover and shop the products they find in your content by automatically mapping your products to your content images