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Social Media Image Recognition:
Uncovering your visual brand

Automatically Identify Your Brand in Social Media Images

Sixty-three percent of social media are images so If you’re relying on hashtags, captions or comments for monitoring your brand on social media – you’re only seeing a small portion of your mentions.

In this eBook, we’ll show you the power of image recognition technology designed to help you uncover new insights, content opportunities, and audiences aligned by behaviors and interests.

  • Image Context

    The necessity of seeing one’s customers in context in an image

  • Software Can Help

    How visual social analytics tools can help your execution

  • Visual Brand Intelligence

    The future of visual brand intelligence and how to stay ahead

  • More Than Marketing

    How visual analytics can be used across multiple departments

  • Why Visuals Matter

    The state and stats of visual content on social media today

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