Cactus Uses Sysomos to Think Local and Grow Jackson Hole Revenue

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Making Jackson Hole a Year Round Destination

Cactus serves national clients based in the Rocky Mountain region. The marketing agency welcomed Jackson Hole Lodging Tax Board as a client after it passed a tax to fund projects promoting area tourism. With this new tax, the Tax Board wanted to promote Jackson Hole businesses beyond just the resorts.

Jackson Hole is famous for its access to several national parks and its ski resorts, including one called Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which has led to some brand confusion. The area hired Cactus in October with an on-going assignment of promoting the winter ski season. Cactus had to act quickly.


Cactus, a full service marketing agency, used Sysomos, to find ways for Jackson Hole’s businesses to create a strong brand and set revenue records.

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Engaging Customers One at a Time Yields Big Results

Cactus had been using Sysomos, for pitch research in the past. Jackson Hole did not have a website to attract visitors, and building and advertising a website in the time left before winter was not feasible. Sysomos’ broad-ranging search capabilities suggested a solution.

We really liked Sysomos because of the flexibility. If we need to look at any conversation on any topic, we can just put in a Boolean search

Mike Lee – PR & Social Media Director

Cactus used Sysomos to identify ways for the 870 local businesses to engage directly with visitors. Previously, most of the advertising efforts of Jackson Hole businesses had been focused on local customers. With Cactus, they found a way to reach visitors as well by tracking their social media conversations. Cactus hosted community sessions to educate local businesses how to become aware of the many ways that visitors talked about their upcoming visits on social media.

For instance, if Snake River Brewery & Restaurant saw someone talking about visiting Jackson Hole, it could tweet at the person and invite him or her to stop in and have a beer. Cactus also introduced the hashtag #jacksonhole to build its visibility and to help with tracking.

Cactus Credits Analytics from Sysomos with Insights Needed to Create and Populate This Campaign.

A Personal Touch That Builds Community and Grows Revenue

Social media outreach allowed both the ski resorts and small local businesses to engage with visitors. Because of this direct involvement along with friendly messages welcoming tourists, the two groups were not competing for the same business. Instead, local retailers made the area more appealing to resort customers, while also attracting new business for themselves.

Using Sysomos to identify conversations benefited the entire community. This past year, Cactus expanded the campaign to Instagram, creating one destination that showcased up-to-the-minute photos of Jackson Hole. Cactus credits analytics from Sysomos with the insights needed to create and populate this campaign.

Cactus continued community efforts to educate local retailers on using social media to promote their businesses. During this time, Jackson Hole received 100 fewer inches of snow than the previous year, which would usually be a major hit to the town’s revenue. With Cactus’ involvement, Jackson Hole still broke revenue records.

Local businesses say that every day someone comes into their stores who already had a connection to them through a Twitter exchange. Sysomos reporting on the #jacksonhole hashtag shows a conversation that is still growing.


Marketing agency Cactus needed to attract visitors and make an impact on Jackson Hole’s ski resorts and other local businesses across multiple industries despite a late start promoting the season.


Cactus used Sysomos to identify conversations among prospective Jackson Hole visitors, taught businesses how to interact directly with these potential customers, and tracked the results to build further campaigns.


Personal, authentic outreach on Twitter contributed to record-breaking revenue for Jackson Hole businesses, even in a lowsnow ski season.

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