Sysomos Helps Georgia State University Connect with Future and Current Students and Build Its Brand.

Case Study | Georgia State University

Promoting a Diverse Industry Focused University

Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta prides itself on its diverse student body and industry-focused academics. Its 10-year goals include “to become a national model for undergraduate education by demonstrating that students from all backgrounds can achieve academic and career success.”

Using social media, GSU connects with future and current students, creating a sense of excitement about GSU that students can share, and encourages prospects to apply and applicants to enroll. Using social media for these outreach efforts gets students talking to each other – an authentic way to generate excitement.


If you tweet it, they will connect: Georgia State University uses Sysomos to gauge its success.

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Providing Support and Information to a Diverse Student Body

After seeing what other universities were doing with social media, GSU learned more about Sysomos, The university needed to work with an innovative social communication company who would act as a partner and help them achieve their goals.

GSU’s goals for social media and Sysomos included:

  • Tracking brand mentions more accurately
  • Filling the applicant funnel
  • Supporting at-risk students by getting them help before they fail a class or drop out
  • Improving Student Services by using social media to answer questions and provide timely information in all areas

Before using Sysomos we were using free Twitter tools with no way to weed out any noise. With Sysomos we’ve been able to hone in specifically on our brand.

Terry Coniglio
– Social Media Coordinator

Promoting a Diverse Industry Focused University

GSU’s first social media campaign focused on making new applicants feel welcome. GSU asked newly accepted applicants to tweet a picture of themselves with a GSU poster. To encourage these accepted applicants to become students, GSU used Sysomos to follow up on each of the tweets, and linked students to the correct form to confirm their enrollment.

GSU also used Sysomos to manage each of its Twitter accounts. “One of the reasons we chose Sysomos was because of the workflow it offers. If a tweet comes in about housing, it’s easy to shoot it off to that department” says Coniglio. Students are most likely to use social media to try to get answers about campus questions. Coniglio notes, “The 18-24 demographic doesn’t want to pick up the phone, sit on hold; they want it faster, quicker, cheaper, so they’re going to tweet: “How do I park?”

Serving Students and Building a Brand into the Future

GSU plans to expand the use of Sysomos in coming semesters. In addition, adoption of Sysomos in other departments will make it even easier to respond to students’ needs. Recently, GSU brought on a new VP of Public Relations and Marketing who created a strategic communication plan that Sysomos will help execute, focused on promoting the university’s brand. Social media and Sysomos will be vital for executing that plan by promoting new scholarships, fellowships, research and more.

[We’ve] only begun to leverage the full capabilities of Sysomos

Terry Coniglio
– Social Media Coordinator


Georgia State University needed to use social media to differentiate itself as a premier, business-focused, urban research university.


GSU chose Sysomos to monitor its Twitter presence. GSU uses Sysomos’ reporting, dashboard and engagement workflow features to accurately identify and engage with prospective and current students as well as direct their questions to the appropriate university department.


With Sysomos, GSU tracks brand mentions more effectively, decreases the time and resources spent answering student questions and identifies students at risk of dropping out. GSU plans to expand the use of Sysomos into other departments, leveraging its analytics capabilities while training future marketing professionals.

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