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Case Study | LEWIS PULSE

LEWIS Pulse is a leading integrated communications agency with a fast growing digital arm that has used Sysomos to create winning new-business pitches and offer innovative digital services to clients.

The agency uses Sysomos to help win new business pitches by allowing the team to perform extensive research in a short amount of time, providing a deep level of insight that would be intensely time consuming to achieve manually. The global integrated communications agency uses Sysomos to create winning new-business pitches and offer innovative digital services to clients.


In this case study, learn how LEWIS Pulse is a leading integrated communications agency with a fast growing digital arm.

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Sysomos encourages LEWIS to think differently.

With over 12 months of historical Twitter data and even more from other social platforms, Search provides social strategists with a goldmine of insight on consumer attitudes and conversations, which can be explored and analysed at will. This gives LEWIS the ability to underpin its creative thinking with hard data that adds authority to its ideas. Sysomos Search also helps LEWIS to make its proposals more visually engaging, with charts such as BuzzGraphs and wordclouds that can easily be copied into presentations.

We use Sysomos in the new business process as it allows us to have a wider understanding of a prospects’ digital footprint. It gives us the opportunity to include competitor audits and general industry insights, which provides great ammunition as we can reveal insights many are often unaware of.

Gugs Sarna – Head of LEWIS Pulse UK

Sysomos provides a historical archive of all social media conversations (including the full Twitter firehose) rather than a limited set of keyword searches; meaning it’s possible to compare your activity against competitor campaigns, using the same metrics.

Many of LEWIS’ campaigns depend upon building relationships with influencers to help reach target audiences. The agency uses Search to help identify the most influential people within different subject areas and markets. This provides understanding on how various groups discuss topics and who the most important voices are within those communities.

In one example, we wanted to demonstrate that consumer conversations about a brand were indistinguishable from its competitors. Sysomos enabled us to prove that point with hard data while presenting it in a visually impactful way, which immediately showcased the issue.

Gugs Sarna – Head of LEWIS Pulse UK

Sysomos has no limits on keyword searches or results volumes, so any number of brands or topics can be analyzed on the fly without having to preemptively set up the required searches. This means that LEWIS is able to use Sysomos to produce analytics reports that other tools cannot, like comparing share-of-voice against any number of competitors, or analyzing messaging cut through. Sysomos provides the flexibility to explore different ideas and test hypotheses with no restrictions.

We’re a global agency, so it’s critical that we are able to use consistent metrics and measurement standards around the world to help clients accurately compare how campaigns are performing across multiple markets.

Gugs Sarna – Head of LEWIS Pulse UK


LEWIS needed to show that social conversations about a brand were undifferentiated from its competitors in a visually impactful way.


Sysomos enabled LEWIS to quickly analyze the online conversations of the brand against its main competitors, and create visuals that illustrate this.


These visuals enabled LEWIS to prove its point in an intuitive, powerful way, clearly demonstrating that the brand’s messaging was not standing out from its competitors.

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