Finding Audience Insights on Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Case Study | MediaCom

With Sysomos, MediaCom is able to build social intelligence into its planning and reporting

MediaCom is one of the world’s leading media agencies, helping global brands plan and measure their advertising strategies across all channels. The agency relies on Sysomos to help plan campaigns for clients, as well as tracking how those campaigns perform once they are executed.

The Content Strategy team uses Sysomos to get a better picture of the audiences they need to reach, which means that when they present plans to clients they are able to back up their ideas with hard data. Also, the Social Media team is able to use the tool to identify influencers for their blogger outreach campaigns. With a constantly updated database of over 550 billion social media posts, Sysomos provides MediaCom with the ability to analyze online conversations about absolutely any topic, with no limitations on keywords or results.


In this case study, learn how MediaCom depends on Sysomos to plan and measure advertising campaigns for its clients.

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Measuring Campaign Success

One example of this in action is when MediaCom needed to measure the success of a global multi-channel advertising campaign by a large international company. Sysomos enabled the team to analyze social media discussions about the campaign on Twitter and in discussion forums over several months to understand how consumers reacted to it.

The value Sysomos provides for us is very clear. We need to have a bedrock of insights to justify how to approach content solutions for different audiences and different platforms, and Sysomos helps us to sell in our strategies by giving us a much clearer understanding of how audiences feel about specific brands and issues

Alejandro De Luna – Social Strategy Manager

The tool helped MediaCom to discover that in this instance the campaign messages were not cutting through and audiences were more focused on some of the company’s reputational issues, and in some key countries people weren’t talking about the brand at all. This meant the agency was able to help the client understand how it needed to change its messaging and tone of voice.

With Sysomos, MediaCom is able to build genuine social intelligence into its planning and reporting. This makes it much easier for the agency to sell campaigns into clients, and to prove the ROI of those campaigns.

This means we can use Sysomos to understand social conversations about brands. We can analyze discussion volumes, how long those volumes last before tailing off, look for negative mentions, and do real deep dives into any area that looks interesting.

Alejandro De Luna – Social Strategy Manager


To sell in content solutions MediaCom needs to underpin its plans with insight based on concrete data about audience’s attitudes to brands and issues.


MediaCom uses Sysomos to perform complex analysis of a wide range of topics, without being restricted to a limited number of search terms or results, in order to gain insight that will support their strategies.


Helped MediaCom to convince clients that its plans are based on solid facts and research, and the tool also makes it easy to measure how consumers respond to campaigns by tracking social media reaction.

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