Advanced Social Analytics

Gain visibility and control over your earned and owned data so
you can optimize campaigns and maximize ROI in near real-time

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Maximize Time to Insight Across Digital
and Social Media Channels

It’s become increasingly difficult for brands to reach followers organically so maximizing every opportunity to boost visibility and engagement is critical. However, with multiple social accounts, channels, markets, and agencies, it’s become difficult and time-consuming to compile data and analyze campaign performance. Sysomos Analyze provides a single-lens view of all your social content across 9 social media channels, so you can inform creative and maximize your ROI in near real-time.

Campaign Analytics

Aggregate daily or lifetime social metrics to measure spend, CPA, engagements, impressions, and performance

Cross-Market Optimization

Identify top performing content and share with other markets to teach best practices and campaign strategy

Complete Visibility

Access your social campaigns in one consolidated view for quick analysis across brands, markets, and agencies

Sysomos Analyze has helped us drive our business and that of our customers by enabling us to make immediate decisions on optimizing campaign performance across creative, audiences, placement, and channels. It’s imperative that we turn insights into actionable commercial opportunities.

Sam Ahmed, Chief Marketing Officer, MasterCard

Integrate Data Across Earned and Owned

  • Aggregate and benchmark KPIs across accounts, brands, channels, and markets
  • Measure social campaigns and uncover insights for optimizing reach, engagement, and purchase intent
  • Get clear visibility into your entire social presence to quantify how paid media generates more earned media and drives traffic to owned properties
  • Track competitors to stay ahead of the curve

Automated Reports, Alerts, and Dashboards

  • Capture over 2,000 metrics in real-time to allow for interactive analysis and reporting on demand
  • Create automated reports by job role to provide dashboards for everyone in the organization, customized to their requirements
  • Receive near real-time alerts across earned and owned media

Rich APIs for Integration and Flexibility

  • Showcase all of your social media data and business data in customized, real time dashboards. Sysomos Display offers a complete 360 view of the metrics and performance indicators that are most important to your business.
  • Integrate your aggregated earned and owned data with BI systems (Domo, Tableau, etc.) to get a full view across your enterprise
  • Includes brand social content, tags, UGC, and over 2,000 metrics
  • Analyze social data alongside your sales data and customer data

Analyze Capabilities

    • Custom KPIs
    • Automatic alerts
    • Robust API across earned and owned data
    • Competitive insights and benchmarking
    • Configurable reporting
    • Global scalability
    • Over 2,000 metrics for analysis
    • Real-time campaign analytics
    • Visibility across markets, brands, agencies
    • Command center & CRM integrations

Sysomos is a trusted
platform for amazing
brands and agencies


Optimize campaigns and maximize ROI