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Have Key Social Players Tell Your Story

With a database of over 1 Billion influencer profiles broken down into over 60K categories, Sysomos Influencer provides the ability to search influencers in any niche category, in any language, and any country or city across the globe, and provides detailed information about their social footprint and the demographics of their followers.

Find Influencers

Quickly identify the most relevant key influencers in the verticals that matter most to your brand. Filter by target audience or demographics of followers based on your brand’s strategy.

Manage Relationships

Manage and scale your influencer program with a dedicated workflow to activate your chosen influencers. Get contact information, manage outreach and export your data.

Measure Programs

Automatically track your influencers mentions in real time, measure aggregated mentions, engagements, true reach and $ ROI. Supporting Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“This is the best software to build influencer programs! We used it to identify, interact and measure relevant influencers and were very happy with the results. It is user-friendly, has insightful data and a very helpful team!”


Gladys Diaz, Marketing Manager at Unilever

Advanced Audience Demographics

  • Understand whether the user’s audience fits your target demographic. Understand the gender, influence, location, interests, average income and more of your influencer’s audience.

View Content History to Narrow Influencer Targets

  • Instant access to 5 years of historical data for any influencer across all networks. Make sure their story, content quality, and values are right for your brand.

Deep Influencer Network Analysis

  • Understand how social influencers are connected to each other. Find a list of their followers, people who interact with their content, or people who have conversations with them.

Social Influencer Capabilities

    • Find Influencers
      Choose the influence level you are after, whether it’s celebrities or niche power users, find the ones with an audience in the location you are interested in. You can filter by gender, engagement levels and more.
    • Influencer Analysis
      Get all the insights you need about any social user to make sure you are focusing on the right people.
    • Manage Relationships
      Build, manage and measure your influencer program, with a user-friendly CRM system that was designed just for influencer marketing.
    • Measure Campaigns
      Quantify your Influencer Program KPIs, create beautiful reports and prove your success. Real time tracking for mentions, engagements, true reach and $ ROI.

People Trust Influencers, Not Ads.
Build this trust with Social Influencer.