Integrate content and data from third party channels with Sysomos data to provide a complete 360°
view of the metrics and performance indicators that are most important to your business.

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Showcase All Your Business Data in One Place

Sysomos Display is a command center suite that integrates content and data from third party channels across marketing PR, advertising, finance, CRM, and customer support. Sysomos Display provides an unparalleled level of visibility and insight not possible with existing isolated enterprise tools and services. For example, quickly get real-time feedback on how your campaign is driving e-commerce sales, or how much traffic a social post is generating.


No More Blind Spots

Always-on, real-time updates ensure accurate perspective on performance indicators

Customizable Interface

One unified view integrates performance-related metrics and content apps, across the organization

Cross-Functional Views

Inform the entire organization with one cohesive view of performance across multiple departments

display graph

Easy Access to Key Metrics

Key data on-the-fly leads to on-the-go
awareness, in-meeting answers and
smarter decision-making

Flexible Architecture

Makes it easy to securely access internal
proprietary data, connect to existing data
sources, and add new sources over time

Display is built on an Open Data Platform

  • Visibility across functions. Create awareness and manage performance to aligned goals, across multiple functions and roles.
  • Built to scale. As your organization grows, Sysomos Display grows with you, minimizing total cost of ownership in the process.
  • Real-time performance for everyone. Elegant screens that bring clarity to the insights most important to your business.

Key Features

  • Secure login, with single sign-on and unlimited internal seats
  • Custom filters for your brands, competitors, or whatever you’d like to track (internally or externally)
  • Customizable dashboard allows for commenting, sharing, and exporting
  • Scrolling display automatically rotates through each screen
    Unlimited searchable archives allow you to access past information

Display Capabilities

    • Holistic view
    • Real-time metrics
    • Unlimited data sources
    • Multiple configurations
    • Single login
    • Best-of-breed interface
    • Share, collaborate and iterate
    • Wall display, desktop, mobile, tablet
    • Simple to set up
    • Always on

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