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Sysomos Search is a powerful social research platform that gives unlimited ad-hoc search on billions of social conversations, giving you the flexibility to search for what you want, when you want it. Engineered to help you quickly make sense of mass amounts of social data, surfacing only the important insights via web or mobile app, that make for better, data-driven decisions.

Market, Topic, Trend Research

Research your brand, industry, and competitors to analyze conversations and identify trends

Powerful Audience Insights

Segment audiences to better understand what they care about; produce content that will resonate

Competitive Benchmarking

Research your competitors to compare market share and establish success metrics and KPIs

Influencer Identification

Amplify your brand’s message by surfacing
and engaging key influencers across
desired audience groups

Content Creation

Inform content creation and campaign
strategy by identifying industry-related
themes and trends

Sysomos is a trusted
platform for amazing
brands and agencies

Unlimited Search, Unlimited Mentions,
Going Back 13 Months on 200B+ Conversations

  • Freely research your brand, industry or any topic, across 200B+ conversations, happening in real-time or turn back the clock up to 13 months to uncover and benchmark historical trends on 100% of the dataset
  • Uncover insights across thousands of data sources – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, News, Forums, Blogs – drilling into real-time spikes and themes as they occur
  • Search anything from a simple keyword to a complex 6,000 character Boolean query. Easily save and share your query and findings with colleagues

Compare Across Earned and Owned in a Unified Dashboard

  • Compare your brand to competitors’ brands across owned and earned in a unified dashboard. See a quick snapshot of audience growth, content performance, themes and top influencers
  • Compare reach, share of voice and impact of your brand against your competitor’s brands and track it to see how it changes over time and across campaigns
  • Understand the themes and topics trending in the conversations happening across the web to empower you to make quick, informed decisions that measure social relevance and drive your brands share of voice

In-Depth, Real-Time Voice of the Customer Analysis

  • Understand who your customers are and see how they engage with each other. Easily segment audiences to learn what affinities or similarities they may have to inform your marketing strategy and content assets, to drive deeper relevance on your social voice
  • Identify top influencers to understand how that person’s expectations, preferences, and aversions pertain to your brand
  • Measure how your branded content prompted engagement or generated earned mentions through shares, to benchmark success of your social campaigns across paid, earned and owned activity

Search Capabilities

    • Owned and earned analytics in one single view
    • Topic and conversation pattern analysis
    • Historical benchmarking (13 months)
    • Brand, keyword or complex queries comparison
    • Create customized user lists or audience types
    • Export insights or raw data in multiple formats
    • Unlimited ad-hoc search across social networks
    • Industry, audience and market level research
    • Audience targeting and influencer identification
    • Content strategy, creation and optimization
    • Investor relations
    • Crisis management, security and compliance
    • Event monitoring and planning
    • Custom unlimited dashboard and report building
    • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
    • Mobile friendly application

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