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Content Discovery

See the best performing content from all of your social media presences and your competitors’ pages. Share it with brands or markets across your organizations to inspire creative thinking.

And while a smile may be the same in every language, content isn’t. Sysomos Expion supports 53 languages and translates local messages, times and currencies in over 100 markets. And with global content discovery, brands across the nation have access to top-performing content within their brands, among other regions in their brand family, across all brands in a company, or its competitors. That’s more connected content that gives you a better picture of your global social landscape.

We’ve also updated our interface to match our clients’ global marketing needs. Our product is now available in English, Chinese and Japanese

Content Discovery - Sysomos Expion

Advocator - Sysomos Expion


There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to your brand, employees have serious clout. So why not utilize their reach and amplify your brand in the process? Sysomos Expion’s Social Advocator gives employees instant access to a stream of pre-approved, branded content they can publish to their social networks. It’s content that’s ready-to-go anywhere, anytime. Social media marketing content that converts!

Paid Optimization

Simply put, Sysomos Expion helps social brands optimize paid by better understanding how organic and paid content are working together. How?

Smarter analytics: for promoted and non-promoted messages on both Facebook and Twitter, you’ll get spend analytics, paid impressions, plus costs per impression and action.

How else? With trending triggers to alert you to changes in tone, activity, keyword usage, or influencer interactions to help drive how you spend your money in social

Make smarter decisions surrounding paid – Sysomos Expion can link you up with third party paid social vendors to help inform those deals with the information they need to optimize spend.

With Sysomos Expion social media solutions, you get the whole truth of data.

Paid Optimization - Sysomos Expion


Asset Manager - Sysomos Expion

Asset Library & Scoring

Store, brand, competitor and fan content and media assets in one place. Use pieces now, recommend them to other brands or markets, or save them as inspiration for later.

And score content, too. Each asset in the library gets paid and organic metrics so your best pieces (or your competitors’) rise to the top.

Keep what you want, get rid of what you don’t. It’s like spring cleaning for your content.

Marketing Analytics - Sysomos Expion

Marketing Analytics

Manage your reputation and benchmark your performance at the same time means easy listening for you, the marketer. 

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