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June 2010

With blogs becoming an increasingly popular way for Internet users to get information, it is interesting to see where this content is coming from and who’s writing it.

We thought it would be insightful to provide details about the blogosphere’s composition using data gathered using our social media monitoring and analytics platform. We analyzed more than 100 million blog posts that provided information about their age, gender and location information.


Not surprisingly, the most active bloggers are younger people who have grown up during the blogging “revolution”, which started about seven years ago. Bloggers in the 21-to-35 year-old demographic group account for 53.3% of the total blogging population. This group is followed by the generation just behind them – people 20-years-old or under are 20.2% of the blogging landscape. This group is closely followed by 36-to-50 year-olds (19.4%), while bloggers who are 51-years-old and older only account for 7.1%.

Age distribution for bloggers


The difference between genders in the blogosphere is balanced with women making up 50.9% and males 49.1% of bloggers. This suggests the Internet is a gender neutral environment.

Gender distribution for bloggers


By Country

It should not be much of a surprise that the most bloggers (29.2%) are located in the U.S. In fact, there are more than four times as many bloggers in the U.S. as there are in the second most populated country within the blogosphere – the U.K., which is home to 6.75% of bloggers.

Japan accounts for the third-most bloggers (4.9%), followed by Brazil (4.2%), Canada (3.9%), Germany (3.3%), Italy (3.2%), Spain (3.1%), France (2.9%) and Russia (2.3%).

When we compared the number of bloggers to Twitter users by country, we found many similarities. The biggest difference was activity by U.S. users – more than half of the tweets come from U.S, Twitter users, while only a third of blog posts are from the U.S.. The absence of bloggers from Indonesia and Australia within the top-10 is also interesting. In comparison, both countries rank among the top-10 of users within the Twittersphere.

Share by country of bloggers

By Province/State

When we broke down our data to do a closer analysis of blogger demographics in terms of region, California leads the way with 14.1%. This is almost double the amount of bloggers found in the second largest blogger populated state, New York (7.1%).

In a bit of a surprise, Ontario, Sysomos’ home province, ranked third with 5.6%, followed by Colorado (5.2%), Texas (4.37%), Pennsylvania (4.34%), Florida (4.2%), Washington (3.4%), Illinois (2.6%), Georgia (2.1%) and Virginia (2%). Among the other Canadian provinces, British Columbia is home to 1.65% of bloggers, while Quebec has 1.42%.

Share of bloggers by province / state



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