Brand Edition:

Marketing Reinvented 2021

Produced in Partnership with Social Media Week, and based on interviews with digital specialists from eight major brands, this report uncovers the big trends that will shape marketing in 2021.

With a changing consumer behavior and an uncertain business outlook for the year ahead, it’s a tough time for marketers. Where should you focus your efforts to help your business navigate these uncharted waters?

In this report we asked a panel of highly experienced marketers from leading brands to share their thoughts on where we go from here, and how brands can succeed in the coming year. You’ll get insights from experts including:

  • Evan Weiner - Global Head of Social Marketing, Pro & Acquisitions, GoDaddy
  • Kristyn Clark - Director of Brand Communications, Shake Shack
  • Athar Abidi - Head of Social Media, British Heart Foundation
  • Emily Taylor - Former Commercial and Marketing Manager, Disney

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