Agency Guide: Turn your social
expertise into a profit engine

5 Ways to Generate New Revenue Streams for Your Agency

With the rapidly growing social media market, comes increasing budget demands – billing hours spent manually sifting for ROI metrics, researching potential campaigns and monitoring the online conversation. As clients expect more from agencies, profit margins are shrinking. The good news – your social marketing solution doesn’t have to feel like a drain on resources with little return on investment.

In this eBook, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to turn these resources into a profit engine that gets attention and delivers real results.

  • Find the Best Fit

    Top features to look for in social marketing software and services

  • Get Smart about Data

    Learn 4 ways to showcase areas of opportunity and improvement

  • Build Trust

    Discover new ways to add value and grow client accounts

  • Identify New Projects

    Discover credible proof points for the next proposal

  • Prove ROI

    Use historical data to benchmark and define success criteria

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