Turn Social Intelligence Into Smart Crisis Prevention

Plan Ahead, Listen, Target, and React Appropriately

A PR crisis can strike any company, even those which are not usually in the public eye. In the age of social media, a PR disaster can reach a global audience in the blink of an eye. This tip sheet provides helpful hints on how to manage a crisis in real time and turn it around to benefit your company. Learn how to:

  • Prepare Your Team

    Social media crisis prevention before the need for action arises

  • Discover the Source

    Use sentiment and text analysis in a real time crisis

  • Develop Strong Relationships

    With brand influencers so you can engage with them when you most need it

  • Take Control of the Situation

    Understand the underlying issues and hot-button topics behind any crisis

  • Discover Strategies

    Diffusing social media flare ups before they escalate out of control

Along with strategies for turning a crisis into a win, this tip sheet explains how Time Warner Cable botched its social media response to Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart and his 220,000+ followers. You will learn what the brand could have done to handle the situation more effectively. Use social intelligence for crisis prevention with the help of Sysomos tools. Fill out the form to get your own copy and never fear a crisis again.

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