Got Social Data?
Now Make it Actionable

Got Social Data?

Now Make it Actionable

Video: Social experts from IBM, Google & Beker/Socialand discuss turning social insights into action

While most enterprises have social strategies in place, many still struggle to keep up with the growing amount of data and what to do with it. Social media listening provides a high-level overview of what’s being said about your brand, but it’s no longer enough. How do you actually make sense of all this data and build a successful strategy from it?

In this presentation you’ll hear from social experts from IBM, Google and Beker/Socialand on how to turn social insights into action. You’ll get tips on how to go beyond simple brand monitoring to perform market research and audience analysis for product development and campaign success.

  • Julio Silva

    Social Media & Digital Analytics


  • David Chamak

    Global Leader Social Insights


  • Ernesto Gutierrez

    Strategy & Digital Intelligence Director


  • Federico Isuani

    Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer


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