Building Brand Love:
Social CX Strategies

Building Brand Love:

Social CX Strategies

Video: Barnes & Noble College, IPG, DDB, & Avaya talk strategies that will put your brand on top

By 2020 customer experience will overtake both price and product as the key brand differentiator. Brands are constantly searching for innovative ways to bridge their digital and in-store experiences. And because of that shift, social customer experience opens huge opportunities for companies to build relationships with their customers, but it also changes the strategy of how brands communicate. In this presentation, they explore emerging customer experience themes for both B2B and B2C companies and discuss real-life applications of personalization, mobile apps, and AR/VR.

  • Sandra Webb

    Social Media Marketing

    Barnes & Noble College

  • Larry Cohen

    Executive Director, Analytics

    Interpublic Group/IPG

  • Azher Ahmed

    EVP, Director of Digital

    DDB U.S.

  • Eric Haftel

    Social Media Marketing Manager


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