Evolving Value of Social Data

Evolving Value of Social Data:

From Conversation to
Mining Audience Analytics

Video: Allyson Hugley, explains the shift from Conversation Mining to Audience Analytics

A decade ago, social media emerged as a promising new window into the aspirations, need states and preferences of consumers. However, until recently, the ability to leverage social media to understand the varied communities of individuals sharing their views across the social web has been limited to self-reported profile data or inferences based on the nature and frequency of post activity. Given advances in machine learning and media intelligence tools that allow for more in-depth analysis of social media activities at scale, we are truly entering the next wave of social analytics – shifting the focus from mining mentions to audience analytics. This presentation explores some of the methodologies and opportunities to leverage social media data to shift from mining what people post and who they follow – to who they are, what they value and how to reach them.

  • Allyson Hugley

    President, Measurement and Analytics

    Weber Shandwick

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