‘Surround Sound’ Promise to Life

‘Surround Sound’ Promise to Life

Video: Using data insights to
help tell meaningful stories,
Nicole Allen explains it all

With so many touch points available to us as marketers, we have to use data insights to help tell meaningful stories. To show us where to invest our ad dollars. To feed back into our organic strategies.

We know content is king (or queen). In the past decade alone, we’ve seen corporate blogs move from the ‘nice to have’ list to being one spoke in the digital wheel, right next to planned video, live streams, podcasts and social calendars. We’re producing enough content to feed the entire funnel. But, how do you know you’re producing the right content and not simply shouting through a loud speaker into a pool of oversaturated users? This talk will unpack how LEWIS uses Sysomos to glean targeted audience insights and data that helps to inform clients’ approach to surround sound marketing.

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