Value of Social Media in B2B Marketing

Value of Social Media in B2B Marketing

Video: Paige O’Neill explains why she thinks Engagement is the New Black

Paige O’Neill, the new CMO for Sitecore, shares how to leverage engagement that’s already happening across communities and use it to propel a brand into untapped audiences or brand conversations. Sitecore starts with looking across their owned channels to better understand the conversation then uses those insights to create new content to increase engagement with the help of Sysomos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seeing Green: most engaged customers are loyal and spend more $$
  • Make it Personal: interacting with a “person” vs. “brand”
  • Your Employees are Here: social communities can help engage employees
  • Test Drive Content: using engagement to help marketers test content
  • Generic Doesn’t Rule: understand your audience and what they engage in

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