February 27

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Registration and Opening Reception
Rye Restaurant at the Marriott Hotel

February 28

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM
Sunrise Yoga
Instructor: Sharon MacGregor
Start your day off right with a one hour yoga session with Raleigh's favorite yoga instructor, Sharon MacGregor. We'll be in the private room of the Rye Restaurant at the Marriott hotel.
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Breakfast | Registration | Demo Pavilion
9:00 AM - 9:10 AM
Opening Remarks
Erica Jenkins, Chief Product Officer, Sysomos
9:10 AM - 9:40 AM
Farming and Harvesting Insights: How Marketing Must Evolve
Peter Heffring, CEO, Sysomos
The complicated, fragmented, fast-changing field is making it near impossible to know your customers. The customers themselves will continue to defy categorization. Sweeping generalizations like “Millennials,” “moms,” and “Midwesterners” do little to effectively capture any consumer’s interests and needs. We’re nearing the point of data saturation, where you have all the data you could ever dream of, so why is it so hard to get insights? Marketers have spent decades sustaining themselves as hunters and gatherers, but all of that effort foraging or improve their customer marketing wastes precious time and energy. How can marketers evolve? One approach is to move away from data and dashboards to automated insights, but that alone isn’t enough. Certain kinds of insights matter more than others. Here’s what’s ahead for pattern recognition, guided and unguided insight discovery, and the practical path for unearthing new commercial opportunities.
9:40 AM - 10:10 AM
Evolution of Sysomos Across Paid, Earned and Owned
Erica Jenkins, Chief Product Officer, Sysomos
With the rapidly evolving social and customer landscape - leveraging the right technology platform is a critical component of a customer centric, customer responsive, digitally nimble organization - and can be the difference between a good customer experience and a GREAT customer experience. Not only that - but brands and organizations need faster, more prescriptive insights in order to achieve their digital transformation goals.
Erica Jenkins, Chief Product Officer, will share with you what we have been busy at work building over the past year making it easy for you to Research, Listen, Curate, Publish, Engage, and Measure across your Paid, Earned, and Owned social footprint.
10:10 AM - 10:30 AM
The Power of Fans
Margaret Czeisler, Digital Marketing Expert
In this session, Generation Z expert and marketer for some of world's most disruptive brands, Margaret Czeisler, will expose how today’s youth are not only reshaping how we define fandoms—they are changing the way all people behave and communicate today. Rather than simply consuming mainstream culture, today’s youth are active participants who create, remix and distribute culture in unprecedented ways. Fueled by the bold and fresh insights. discover how Gen Z is cultivating communities of mega fans and how brands can harness their energy to co-create. Learn how to successfully engage this critical audience of Culture Creators, the driving force of an unfolding cultural revolution.
10:30 AM - 10:50 AM
Break & Demo Pavilion
10:50 AM - 11:20 AM
Social Marketing Is A Vital Part Of Your Digital Transformation
Melissa Parrish, VP Research Director, Forrester Research
Nearly all marketers use social media, but few are able to quantify its value. In this session, guest speaker VP, Research Director Melissa Parrish from Forrester Research, will discuss how brands use social tactics to achieve marketing goals across the customer life cycle and how they use social insights to improve the rest of their marketing campaigns. But social media can offer brands far more than just marketing value!
We'll also explore how social technology helps companies transform for the post-digital world.
11:20 AM - 11:50 AM
Moments Noticed: Informed Marketing In The Moment
Simon Cowart, Global Social Media Strategist, Coca-Cola
We live in a world overwhelmed with content, brand messages, and the oppressive notification barrage. How do brands break through and become more than a whisper in a riot? It has never been more important to reach the right consumer, at the right time, in the right place, with messaging and products to match their experiences and their needs. That’s why the global Hub Network at Coca-Cola is focusing on data as the bedrock of understanding and measuring those moments, what they mean for our consumers, and how they should drive our social marketing. From emotional tenor, to audience impacts, to the subtle shifts in the meaning of these events that occur in the blink of an eye, it is invaluable for brands to be informed of the dynamics and quickly developing events in our consumers lives. Join us in a discussion around how Coca-Cola is working to build stronger, more intuitive relationships with our consumers with social marketing as the industry continues to mature.
11:50 AM - 12:20 PM
Mastering Data-Driven Marketing across Paid, Earned, and Owned
Moderator: David Berkowitz, Chief Strategy Officer, Sysomos
- Lauren Harper, Sr. Manager, B2B Content & Social Marketing, Pandora Music
- Brittany McKone, Director of Analytics, Golin
- Matt Blasco, Managing Director of Analytics and Insights, Havas
It's time to break down the silos. When marketers can work across paid, earned, and owned media, then each kind of media can be used to improve the performance of the others.
Discover some great examples for how this is done. With many different stakeholders typically involved, it's not always easy, but panelists will share how to overcome some of those challenges.
12:20 PM - 1:30 PM
Networking Lunch
Breakout Tracks
1:30 PM - 2:10 PM
Using Social Listening to Inform Developer Programs
Katherine Miller, Program Manager, Google
It takes little more than looking at a Developer Advocate’s Twitter followers or video views to get a sense of high level reach and engagement, but understanding the next level of impact requires more comprehensive data that is accessible beyond a user’s personal channel analytics. Katherine Miller spent the last 2 years building a global developer social media program and will share successes and challenges she found using social listening tools to measure the impact of programs across Google’s large and varied developer product ecosystem, including data evangelism and regional empowerment.
Masterclass Track: Harness the Power of Visual Storytelling
Josh Graham, Client Strategist, Sysomos
Have you ever noticed that there is a gap in your brand story? You’ve always had the ability to search for people who mention your brand, but what about those that show your brand in images?
In this Masterclass, we’ll showcase new technology that will strengthen your brand storytelling. Join us as we explore the new possibilities that image-recognition technology enables for image-based platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.
Join our Client Strategist Josh Graham as he shares how visual listening can help you learn more about your audience.
2:10 PM - 2:50 PM
Track #1: Social - It’s Not Just Marketing Anymore
Moderator: Darin Wolter, EVP Sales, Sysomos
- Kate Bockhop, Employee Communications, UPS
- Logan Cullen, VP Measurements and Insights, Edelman
Long the domain of marketing – social media analytics has expanded as a critical source of insights for departments across the enterprise. From corporate security and copyright protection to new product development and talent acquisition, social media analytics are fueling a wide breadth of use cases. Come learn the many ways social has expanded beyond “just marketing” and how it might help you in ways you didn’t expect.
Track #2: How Technology Drives Revenue for Agencies
Moderator: Dave Johnson, VP Global Alliances, Sysomos
- Juan Isaza, VP Strategic Planning and Social Media, DDB Latina
- Robert Oquendo, EVP Digital and Creative, Spectrum Science
- Luis Hernandez, Chief Digital Officer, Coyne PR
Agencies have always been at the forefront of adoption of social technology to drive insightful campaigns that result in better commercial opportunities for their clients. As the social analytics market matures, more and more in-house marketers look to purchase and implement social technology and train or hire analysts and marketers that can work with this data. How can agencies maintain their position and add value to the social data and its applications?
In this session you will hear from different agencies on how social technology has generated a new revenue stream for them and how they’ve become a marketing intelligence partner to their clients, well beyond the traditional agency boundaries.
Masterclass Track: Analytics - Data You Need and Can Trust
Hayley Neal, Customer Success Manager, Sysomos
Billions of conversations are happening around you every day and this information can be a business game changer, but only if you know how to cut through the noise.
In this Masterclass, we will help explain how to make informed business decisions utilizing social data & analytics captured in Sysomos. Join us as we demonstrate how to uncover data you can trust and depend on.
Join our Customer Success Manager, Hayley Neal as he shares how the power of social analytics can be harnessed to drive decisions.
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Track #1: From New Product Development to Crisis Management - Are You Prepared?
Moderator: Erica Jenkins, Chief Product Officer, Sysomos
- Emerson Cunnigham, Manager Social Media, Georgia Power
- Matt Rednor, CEO, Decoded Advertising
- Jennifer Grygiel, Assistant Professor of Communications, Syracuse University
The amount of Social data produced (both visual and text) continues to expand on a daily basis. As a result, monitoring social data has only become more foundational to your business. In order for brands to fully take advantage of social data, a robust social listening strategy needs to be implemented.
In this session, learn how brands prepare for and react to these potential opportunities across the social web.
Track #2: Applying Social Intelligence Throughout the Campaign Lifecycle
Moderator: Robert Wollner, VP Client Strategy EMEA, Sysomos
- Sebastian Saldarriaga, Associate Director, Social Media Marketing, Huge INC
- Caryn Herder, Director of Strategy & Planning, CMD Agency
- Juan Isaza, VP Strategic Planning and Social Media, DDB Latina
Marketers know that creating a winning campaign is a long and arduous process. From establishing campaign objectives, conducting market research, developing content and analyzing campaign results - social data plays a critical role in this entire process.
In this session, learn from the best and find out how they're utilizing social intelligence to plan and launch successful campaigns.
Masterclass Track: The Life Changing Magic of Decluttering Your Workspaces
Lindsay Stone, Client Strategist, Sysomos
Social Media APIs provide us with SO much information - organic content, ad performance, fan conversations, influencers, analytics. But what we really want to know is: What content is working?; What's flopping?; Who's talking?; Who's not talking?
Enter Sysomos workspaces – an easy way to see the information you care about, eliminate the noise, and make real-time decisions to impact your business.
Join client strategist Lindsay Stone as she shares examples of best in class workspaces from across the Sysomos client base and how you can start leveraging these for your business – immediately!
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Break & Demo Pavilion
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM
Track #1: Building Brand Loyalists: Social Best Practices
Moderator: Jeff Cann, VP of Customer Success, Sysomos
- Meg Fligg, Head of Social and Communications, Georgia-Pacific
- Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Sr. Director HR Digital Strategy, Hilton Worldwide
How do you build an enduring brand with loyal followers? From technology enthusiasts to coffee fanatics, the common thread is emotional engagement. And when customers feel you understand them and are connecting with them personally, they become loyal to your brand and can serve as serve as brand advocates. They tend to spend more, spread the word, stick by your side when you need them, and come back often. Join this session to hear from some of the smartest brands and agencies as they share advice and best practices on how to effectively build your community of brand lovers.
Track #2: The Ultimate Guide to Targeting Millennials
Moderator: Leo Morejon, VP Client Strategy, Sysomos
- Eric Swayne, Sr. Director of Fan Engagement, Funimation
- Albert Thompson, Managing Director of Media, Walton Isaacson
- Kate Hodes, Senior Analyst, Huge
Millennials are a big deal. Not only are they the largest generation since the Baby Boom, but they’re also about to enter their prime purchasing years. By the year 2020, Millennials will spend a whopping $1.4 trillion annually in the United States alone.
In this session, we’ll take a look at the biggest trends that are shaping Millennial behaviours. You’ll hear from experts on the most effective strategies for targeting this audience and building smarter marketing campaigns for your business.
Masterclass Track: Measuring Consistently Across Earned, Owned and Paid
Nathaniel Pallen, Customer Success Manager, Sysomos
Have you noticed that the worlds of advertising, marketing, and public relations are colliding? Social media has everything to do with it.
In this Masterclass, we’ll explore the interplay between these traditionally separate fields, and take an in-depth look at how they can work together to maximize ROI. We’ll also showcase how owned, earned, and paid media individually provide insights for marketers to use.
Join Pre-Sales Engineer Nate Pallen to learn how the industry is shifting towards an ecosystem in which the trifecta of owned, earned, and paid media are measured together.
4:40 PM - 5:20 PM
Track #1: Right Content, Right Audience: Crafting the Perfect Match
Moderator: Robert Wollner, VP Client Strategy EMEA, Sysomos
- Joseph Peters, Chief Strategy Officer, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
- Dylan Ellsworth, Social Media Manager, Marriott International
- Ian Aliman, Director, Data Science & Marketing Analytics, Nickelodeon
Engagement is everything. Find the best way to get the perfect content to your perfect group users. Marketers today have no excuse for not using the wealth of data and targeting tools to deliver the perfect message, compelling content and driving better results. In this Panel, we will share best strategies and practices to help you deliver the right content, to the right audience at precisely the right time.
Masterclass Track: Governance – Why Data Consistency is Vital for Reporting
- Joanne Kern, Technical Learning and Enablement Manager, Sysomos
- Markus Leung, Manager of Customer Success Enterprise, Sysomos
The need for data governance is more important than ever before. With billions of social conversations being sliced and diced in self-service models, a solid methodology is a fundamental need.
In this Masterclass, we will explore how to create structured analytics that are trustworthy and protected from change within your organization.
Join Markus Leung (Manager of Customer Success, Enterprise) /Joanne Kern (Technical Learning & Enablement Manager) as they discuss how to set up an social data governance methodology framework within your organization.
6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Evening Event at Kings (Dinner & Entertainment)
14 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Join the evening party at Kings, a funky and intimate club & bar. It's a quick 5 minute stroll from the Marriott Hotel where you'll enjoy dinner and live music from famous local band while mingling with your peers and the Sysomos team.

March 01

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Breakfast | Registration | Demo Pavilion
9:30 AM - 9:40 AM
Opening Remarks
David Berkowitz, Chief Strategy Officer, Sysomos
9:40 AM - 10:10 AM
We Are Human After All
Kunal Merchant, Audience Insights Partnerships at Facebook
Large amounts of data can dehumanize who we are and diminish what we say. Join Kunal Merchant, Audience Insights Partnerships Lead at Facebook, as he shares his experiences about how he’s had to trust social data to better understand and connect with people. As Sheryl Sandberg mentioned in her book Lean In, your career is a jungle gym and not a ladder. Kunal will take you on his jungle gym experience through unique disciplines, different industries, and a near-move across the planet that is all weaved with insights that help move businesses forward.
10:10 AM - 10:45 AM
Unlocking Customer Engagement Opportunities
Moderator: Leo Morejon, VP Client Strategy
- Henry Anderson, SVP Strategy & Planning at Ashfield Healthcare
- Jeremy Rosenberg, Managing Director Digital, Allison+Partners
- Jazzmynn Finney, New Media and Social Engagement Specialist, Porsche
- John Mitchell, SVP, Strategy, Group CSE
Today’s consumers are empowered, smarter, and more connected than ever before. As a result, it’s become increasingly challenging for marketers to break through the clutter - and even harder to create a meaningful (and profitable) relationships with customers. Hear real-life examples on how to build a stronger connection with your customers and greater profitability for your company.
10:45 AM - 11:05 AM
Break & Demo Pavilion
11:05AM - 11:35 AM
How Social Intelligence Drives Product Innovation
Jason Falls, Strategy Advisor, Conversation Research Institute
In a world where consumers Tweet about kittens and Instagram their food there lies nuggets of insights that can actually drive product innovation in your company. Jason Falls makes it a habit of finding them and will show you examples of companies doing just that. Learn how to mine online conversations for consumer insight to drive product, experience, messaging and targeting data. In addition to examples, Falls will share tips on what to look for to uncover product insights for your brand.
11:35 PM - 12:05 PM
Storytizing With Social Intelligence: Shaping Brand Narrative Using Social Media Influencers and Trends
Bob Pearson, President, W2O
Bob Pearson, president and chief innovation officer of W2O Group, will discuss how W2O has developed new algorithms and models using the Sysomos platform to understand influencers, content, language, channel and target audiences. Bob will discuss how behavioral and conversational data from social media channels generate unique insight into target audiences, providing an “audience architecture” that gives brands an edge over competitors in their market. The practical implications for brands that leverage advanced social listening technologies will be discussed, along with case studies that demonstrate how effective and efficient these technologies are in building relevant brand narratives for target audiences.
12:05 PM - 1:30 PM
Networking Lunch
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Paid Data is Dead Data Unless It is Used in Real Time
- Jeannette Arrowood, Managing Director for APAC, Sysomos
- Robert Wollner, VP, Client Strategy, Sysomos
We’ve heard the same story from marketers and agencies at big brands many times. You’re probably familiar with this story and have experienced it yourself. At the end of the month, a report is produced by your teams or by an agency, and it tells you what happened over the last month with your social media content. But so many times, the information in those reports comes too late to actually take any action on the campaign spend and audience targets.

By taking action as campaigns are still running, brands and agencies are saving their budget and having a greater impact with consumers. Those actions are supported by Sysomos Paid Social Analytics, which provides easily understood insights in real time.
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
The Art & Science of Turning Insights into Action
Moderator: David Berkowitz, Chief Strategy Officer
- April Sonsona, VP Social Media Marketing, SunTrust
- Simon Hayward, Customer Experience Manager, John Lewis
- Brenden Elwood, Sr. Manager of Consumer Insights, T-Mobile
We have covered a lot of ground over the past two days, so let's make sense of it all. What are the themes, topics, ideas, buzzwords, and trends that stood out the most? Let's look at some of the highlights, and figure out how we can all collectively act on them to further our marketing goals for 2017 and beyond. Guest speakers will be ready to share the most actionable insights to reinforce what you learned and reveal a few things you might have missed.
2:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Closing Remarks
David Berkowitz, Chief Strategy Officer, Sysomos
3:00 PM
Event Ends